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  • Do you know what your kids are listening to?

  • Are they memorizing unsavory lyrics?

  • Are your teens being negatively influenced?

  • Are they indulging in harmful lifestyles?

  • If so, let TRUSTEDtunes help monitor your child's musical intake.

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The Summary

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Listening To?

In today's super Connected Intelligence environment where everyone can access information at blinding speeds, responsible parents need a device that will help protect their children from some of the negatives that exist in today's modern culture. When parents are not around they need to feel secure that their children won't fall prey to unsavory music and lyrics. Our mission at TRUSTEDtunes is to empower the parent!

You can trust TRUSTEDtunes!

The Concept

Parents, if your children have downloaded music to their iPhone or Android smartphone, or have created music playlists/libraries on Beats Music and Spotify, you now have the power to inspect those songs and actually find out what messages they are consuming. Even if your child does not own a smartphone or do not use Beats Music and Spotify, you can still use our pre-assembled playlist to create a report card that will help monitor your children's musical intake. Each parent can monitor up to 3 devices.

We know, it's a great idea. Come, let us show you how it works!

Available on iOS, Android, and Web

How It Works

TRUSTEDtunes Monitor App Available

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External Playlists

Examine playlists from Beats Music and Spotify.

The Song Information

TRUSTEDtunes focuses on hit songs from the previous ten years to the current date. This time period have more than likely affected your children's musical taste and peer pressures. This is a fragile time for your children, as they are maturing from an adolescent to a teenager. There is no component that will impact their thought processes between these ages more than music. We believe that these years are a defining time in your children's lives and they should be exposed to the most positive stimuli possible.

Genres include:

  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rap (Hip-Hop)
  • Rock
  • Country

Welcome to TRUSTEDtunes!

The Impact

Studies have proven that when children are exposed to favorable
music, they

       are more focused students

       are more respectful students

       improve their critical thinking skills

Trusted Tunes Certification

Children of today are overwhelmed with music from diverse sources and are often unsure about where to find positive uplifting lyrics and music. There are virtually millions of song titles produced in North America alone. It is TRUSTEDtuness' honor to present our TRUSTEDtunes Certification. This badge of honor will make parents secure to know that whenever they see the TRUSTEDtunes Certificate they can be assured that their children will be protected.

This week's grade on the top hit songs

  • D+
  • Billboard's Top Ten Chart Grade

    This grade represents the current Top 10 songs in the nation.

The Features

Phone Apps

The Trusted Tunes Monitor app is created for parents to install on their children's smart phones.

The Trusted Tunes mobile app is coming soon.

Weekly & Quarterly Updates

As part of our service, each week our members will be notified of new songs that entered into the top 10 Billboard Charts this week. We will also present a quarterly report card to the parents of their childrens song lists . This process will enable parents, members and school systems to stay abreast of the new trends that are possibly affecting children and young adults listening habits.

Artist Affiliation

Artists that affiliate their song material with Trusted Tunes will become a part of a program that will offer them legitimacy within the realms of popular music culture. Consumers will know that these artists have been vetted and certified by a proven system that stands behind positive song titles and creativity.

By registering with Trusted Tunes as an artist you will be accepted worldwide with the Trusted Tunes Brand and Certification, this certificate will enhance market share and audience.

Registry Coming Soon!

School Affiliation

Schools that affiliate with Trusted Tunes will join a network of progressive scholars and parents that believe our children are our greatest asset. They also know that music plays a vital part in the everyday life of today's student. Realizing this fact makes them keenly aware that certain criteria must be in place to protect the student who has access to multitudes of musical information that parents of other generations could never imagine. Trusted Tunes offers this security and protection to our affiliate school systems. We are the program that educators can trust and feel that their student body is being exposed only to wholesome lyrics and music.

Faith-Based Affiliation

Religious organizations that affiliate with Trusted Tunes will become members of a structured system that protects congregations and is also an asset to Religious leaders.

As religious leaders partake in protecting their aggregation and members on a day to day basis, they are constantly bombarded with outside negative influences from multiple music sources. We at Trusted Tunes recognize, understand, and will assist in combating this mayhem.

Trusted Tunes offers a 24-hour protection program that will provide a positive impact on your congregation from this unfavorable musical stimulus. We will be that protection for your congregations as they maneuver in a secular world.