TRUSTED tunes | Testimonials


"Excellent concept. I really like it and think it's a great way to keep kids safe from all the media & entertainment exposure that may not be appropriate for them."

Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP

"Trusted Tunes is an excellent program for parents, schools and anyone who is concerned about the affect of music on children. Often we are unaware of the messages hidden behind catchy tunes that entice our children to listen over and over. These lyrics leave a lasting imprint on our future generations. Trusted Tunes allows concerned adults to have the knowledge necessary to provide guidance to our young people and shape the future of our society."

Mary Walker, LMCH, LMFT - Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"I totally appreciate what Trusted Tunes has created in the way of security measures to put the parents in control of the music in their kids' iPhones or other digital devices. As a youth speaker and motivational artists, I can tell you first hand the negative effects that some music can have on our youth. I think that this idea should be a standard that schools, and churches use when they select music for their organizations and functions."

Herb Middleton - NuVybe Records, CEO

"My name is Herb Middleton, I'm a songwriter & a grammy nominated veteran record producer. "It is both encouraging & refreshing to know that there is a company such as "Trusted Tunes" on a mission to provide safety to the ears of innocent that can be robbed of their childhood with music that is powerfully negative. With today's universal language turning so evil, I would recommend "Trusted Tunes" to concerned parents, schools, & faith based organizations. Thumbs up Trusted Tunes!! We trust you..."

Marcus "M-Positive" Parker - Positive Rapper

"I feel Trustedtunes is the perfect name for this product. I tried this innovative and smartly developed idea with my own young adult children and had very little trouble monitoring their musical preference. Trustedtunes was not just easy to maneuver, it gave me confidence by eliminating many of the technical challenges I faced in the past when attempting to monitor my children's music choices. I'm grateful for this device, as I see it, Trustedtunes is the force that bridges a gap by protecting our young people from the perils of negative influences that can pilfer the life of our young."

Van Jones, (MS, EdD, CAP, Program Director for a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Facility)

"In America freedom of speech and expression is fundamental. However as parents we have a responsibility to provide our children with a moral compass that builds good character and helps them become responsible productive adults. Parents must be a positive influence in today's environment of the information highway that exposes children to very negative expressions and influences particularly in the music world. The Trusted Tunes application gives parents a much needed tool to combat these negative expressions that may influence our children simply by making the parent aware of negative music their children may be listening to and provide the parent with the opportunity to discourage consumption of these negative expressions."

Jonathan R Black - Entertainment Attorney

"First off, it's refreshing to know there's a site I can visit that gives me information about the music of current artists. I was pleased to know that while I knew of the artists my daughter listens to there are several I know nothing about..and have never heard of. It's good to know this site is available to offer a quick look at the music without having to spend countless hours researching."

"I think the layout is great. It's clear and easy to navigate. The pictures provided are helpful with identifying artists. This provides a wonderful advantage to users who recognize but are not familiar with the work of some artists. The "pop ups", or categories in blue, are wonderful as well. The additional info displayed under the song category is very helpful and useful; again, offering quick data without having to navigate too much. Great detail. Same goes with lyrics. The grading scale is awesome! Having an assessment of what my child is listening to is the help I need to ensure my child isn't exposing herself to negative lyrics, maintaining her innocence and ability to relate to modern culture."

"Overall, this is a wonderful tool. It provides the information parents need to make determinations on the music their children listen to. It helps keep parents in the know, saves time on research and helps with making song choices for children. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this. It was a pleasure navigating this site "

Judith Duverger - Parent

"As a musician and performer, I get to know many people from children to adults, every single day. As such, I find the music of today to be very disturbing, with all the coarse language, and it seems that even the right of free speech has gone to extremes. I also notice how the youth talk to their parents or friends in a very certain way and you know immediately what their influences are. And I've literally witnessed the effect of music on children; I met a young lady one day and I asked her what is your favorite music and she replied "American standards, and music from the 60's etc, I could tell her mother that her 16 years old girl is a good student, an obedient daughter and a respectful young lady. Guess what? I was right. Watching children and youth on my way to a show, seeing them with their pants down, imitating some rap stars, talking with broken English, you know exactly what their favorite music is. Trusted Tunes fights for this very cause; giving our children their innocence and childhood back, by protecting them from such negative messages that they are exposed to, on a daily basis. I believe Trusted Tunes is the beginning of a revolution we all wished for and I am so glad that finally someone stood up and decided to do something. Well done Trusted Tunes!"

Moran Levi - International Israeli Recording Artist