TRUSTED tunes | The Impact

The Impact

At TRUSTEDtunes we honor the aspect of free speech within this great nation of ours. We are proponents of this sacred right and also think that it's the bedrock of our country's liberty. But even within the market place of ideas and discourse we should always remain vigilant regarding what dialogue we choose to engage in and especially how this dialogue impacts our children.

1. It has been proven that when students and children are exposed to positive music they perform better in school.

2. Children maintain a greater respect for parents, teachers and authority figures when they are not constantly bombarded with explicit images and sounds of discord.

3. This year 93% of adults said tangible music instruction should be part of every child's education; 78% said states should mandate that instruction.

4. Studies have proven that when children are exposed to favorable music, they

       are more focused students

       are more disciplined students

       are more creative students

       are more respectful students

       are more self-assured students with higher levels of self-esteem

       improve their test scores

       improve their time management skills

       improve their critical thinking skills

5. Teens who had affirming music education were less likely to get into trouble than students who did not and experienced a greater level of success later in life.

6. An Estimated 7 million children in U.S. are without supervision after school.

TRUSTEDtunes will be at the forefront in the quest to create socially adept children through positive musical content We intend to be pioneers in the process which seeks to enhance students through musical innovation And finally, we promise to do our part in the development of our most prized asset, our children!