TRUSTED tunes | The Summary

The Summary

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Listening To?

In today's super Connected Intelligence environment where everyone can access information at blinding speeds, responsible parent's need a device that will help protect their children from some of the negatives that exist in today's modern culture. When parents are not around they need to feel secure that their children won't fall prey to unsavory music and lyrics. Being a member with they will have at their disposal software that will inform them of what their children are listening to, and being able to gather this information in real time is essential.

TRUSTEDtunes will be the agency that will assist in protecting your children. We have developed state of the art software that will interface with many popular computer and music based devices. Our invention eliminates all adverse exposure completely by composing detailed reports for the parent that will keep them aware of all current music activity and trends. This cutting edge system acts as a counterbalance to any unfavorable music of today of any genre. We take pride in being the buffer between the parent and societal pressures that children experience on a daily basis. We will be that watchful system for you that will be there twenty-four hours a day.

Our mission at TRUSTEDtunes is to empower the parent!

"You can depend on our trustworthiness when it comes to your children, you can trust TRUSTEDtunes"